Weight Management Test

The DNA Genie weight management test is the most comprehensive test of its kind in the world. Using advances in Genome research to enable you to discover the optimum way for you to lose weight. By analysing different genetic variations in seven of your genes the test examines how your body reacts to certain foods and exercise.

Based on the results a diet and exercise program can be developed specifically for you and from which you will see the maximum benefits. Weight loss becomes no longer an impossible dream, rather an achievable goal based on a scientific analysis of your unique genetic makeup.

What you will discover;

  • If you are susceptible to weight gain
  • Which foods are responsible for your weight gain. Animal fats or carbohydrates
  • Your susceptibility to type ll Diabetes when you gain weight
  • How quickly satiety (the feeling of being full) occurs after eating. Important as many people overeat.
  • The amount of exercise needed in order for you to maintain your optimum weight
  • Which diet will work for you and which wont.


The Science behind the test

The test itself can be performed by yourself at home using 2 mouth swabs and takes no more than 5 minutes. Once we've received your samples back at our lab your results will be ready within 3 weeks.

See a sample report here

DNA Genie analyse variations in 7 of the genes that affect weight gain and we believe we offer the most comprehensive DNA weight management test in the world! Ensuring the results you receive are the most detailed possible